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Shien: 10 Grateful Ways To Make A Website User Friendly


Shien websites are an essential part of our lives and provide us with information, entertainment, and even shopping opportunities. In case our websites can be also challenging to navigate, especially for the people who are disabled. This video will show you how to create accessible websites that are easy to use.

Create an Easy Navigation Bar

A navigation bar is a series of links at the top of a website that allows users to easily move between different pages. It should be large enough so that users can see what each link does without having to scroll down the page.

Include Clear Calls For A Action

Navigation bars are also most often used to help users navigate a site, allowing you to add calls to action to the navigation bar. You have to know that CTAs are buttons or other elements that prompt visitors to take some kind of action. These actions might be as simple as signing up for a newsletter or as complex as purchasing a product. You can take a look at Amazon for your own site, and it will be an excellent example of your creation.

Add Social Sharing Buttons On Your Site

Adding social shien sharing buttons to your website will encourage people to share your content with others. This will helps you to build your own brand and reputation online, giving you more opportunities to gain new followers and subscribers.


Provide a Contact Form Your Location Where You Can operate

A contact form allows visitors to send you messages without having to leave your site. You can collect emails, phone numbers, and other relevant information.

Include Keywords In Headings And Titles.

If you want people to find your website, you must ensure they can quickly locate what they are looking for. That means using headings and titles that contain keywords for your site.

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